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We form one of the premiere clnical laboratories and have introduced many esoteric testing services that are otherwise sourced out of the state.

Geographical limiatation are the biggest hurdle in the path of having leaner “turn around times”.

Having solved that problem of getting the “testing samples” commute large distances by introducing testing facilities for many parameters in our state, we strive to help phyicians get quicker diagnostic support in treatment and therapeutics.

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    Quality Practices at Svasthya Laboratories

    1. Our practices are entrusted with and managed by trained personnel to ensure that all our processes, planning, performances, monitoring, recording, archiving and reporting adhere to and are compliant with established international standards.2. We ensure that our protocols, standard operating procedures, control and calibration system, maintenance and verification systems are in accordance with the established norms. 3. We value most, our responsibility towards the users of our services, and hence ensure that their queries are redressed at the earliest and to their satisfaction. Nurturing Quality in Health Care Medical science is an endeavors of constantly changing knowledge. Amidst this, we at Svasthya Laboratories are relentless in our pursuit of providing doctors with our quality services to heal and treat patients. In furtherance to this, our expertise and services are complementary to local pathologies for augmenting and strengthening their profile base. Our established system and standards are built around “Nurturing Quality in Healthcare”; our motto, that we value most.    

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